Trustee and Deacon Nominations and confirmation 10/25

On October 25 we’ll confirm our Trustee and Deacon nominations. The

Trustee/Deacon Nominees for 2nd Term:

Nancy Liu (English/Youth Administration),

Jonathan Chao (Mandarin Sunday School), and Michael Luoh (Mandarin Caring).

Nominees for 1st Term:

Sharon Lin (Mercy Ministry),

Hong Liu (IT Ministry),

Marie Pai (Missions),

Jenny Lin (Finance),

Sue Johnson (English Outreach),

Eric Yu (Children’s Ministry),

Daphne Lam (Mandarin Outreach),

Serena Chu (Mandarin Prayer),

Elaine Ma (Cantonese Caring),

Jean Ng (Cantonese Fellowship).

Kevin Liao
Kevin Liao

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