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Good news! The Cosmic Light Holistic Care Organization – North American Ministry Center will hold a photo exhibition of the “500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s 500th Anniversary”, which will be held from October 20th to 22nd at the Monmouth Chinese Christian Church in New Jersey. This is to commemorate Martin Luther on October 31, 1517, to oppose the ninety-five essays of the church’s offering of the Atonement, which at the gate of the Weidenburg Church, triggering a earth-shaking religious reform movement. It is well known that this protest against the Pope’s anti-corruption is not only provoking a religious reform movement, but also indirectly, religious reform and academic progress, technological inventions, economic development and political change. Thus Martin Luther’s action of 500 years ago was not only a major event affecting the history of the church, but also a major event affecting human civilization.

In response to such a major historical event, the Taipei Cosmic Light Holistic Care Org., organized a series of activities such as the history of the wall charts, lectures and music sermons to celebrate the importance of the church and society. From the history of wisdom, in the face of today lost and lost, people have not seen the cultural society. Advancing and retreating, out of the darkness, to reproduce the glory of God, live full of rich life. These pictures are the study of the history of the mission by the cosmic light Morrison Academy, which is devoted to the history of missionary history. It has been made into a large wall charts by precious historical pictures. The history of the missionaries has been presented to the world and presented to the world. Lofty tribute, inspiring, can come together to spread his story (His Story). We hope that by this time a rare history of religious reform exhibition, we can hear God said: “Who can I send? Who can go for us?” We can respond to this whisper, said: “Lord! Here, please send me “.

The 500th Anniversary of the Martin Lutheran Reformation is just published and the door will be one of the North American tour shows. A rare opportunity, please do not miss! Welcome to visit (free)!

Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on October 20-22, 2017 (Friday to Sunday)

Tour explanation time: 3 pm every day, Saturday morning increased by 11 am.

Location: New Jersey Monmouth Chinese Christian Church, 189 Holland Roads, Middletown, NJ 07748. Tel: (732) 671-6721

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