Church Reopening Planning

Church Reopening Planning: MCCC Executive Council started the church reopening planning to determine when and how to safely reopen our church building for face to face meetings. Here are some key results:

  1. A When-to-reopen Committee has been formed to work on the timeline of our church re-opening. It consists of the BO and Trustees.
  2. A How-to-Reopen Committee has been formed to resolve the question of how reopening can safely proceed by focusing on technical aspects, such as how social distancing, room assignments, and cleaning regimens will be managed. It is chaired by Deacon Xiang Liu, with representatives from the EC and each congregation.
  3. Today, 7/5 is the last day to take the survey which asks how you feel about your readiness to return to church for worship. Please take the survey at the church website (
  4. The BO/EC deeply values your views and perspectives and invites your feedback. In addition to the survey, we will continue making ourselves available to hear your voice through ongoing conversations.
Kevin Liao
Kevin Liao

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