Pastor Chun Tse, MCCC, July 2015

I grew up in Hong Kong in a family with no heritage of any religion. All my friends and relatives were also non-Christians. The first time I began to seriously think about the meaning of life was when I was in the middle of high school. But the subject of the meaning of life proved to be too big and too complicated for me to yield any satisfactory answer. I felt an acute emptiness and loneliness in my life. In the first 20 years of my life, before coming to America, I lived as an atheist and God had no place in my thoughts, words, or actions.

The first time I encountered Christianity was when my sister, who became a Christian shortly after going to America to study, introduced to me the “Four Spiritual Laws,” which outlined the Christian gospel to non-believers. During my sophomore in college, I came to hear the gospel through listening to a Christian radio. Through the sermons that were aired, the Holy Spirit opened my understanding of the gospel. In particular, I was afraid of going to hell, knowing full well that I was a sinner and deserved it. I received Jesus as my Savior and Lord at the end of one of the sermons.

My life was instantly transformed after my conversion to Christ. I came to know what the meaning of life is – to glorify God and make known his gospel. My life was no longer empty and lonely because God Himself is my joy and fulfillment. I had an intense interest to study the Bible and read spiritual books. I meditated on the words of God regularly. I was fearless in evangelizing and tried different ways to share the gospel with my parents, schoolmates, and friends. I found a local church and baptized there shortly after. I began to find the joy of worship, which was a totally new experience to me.

In June 2001, I and my wife attended a theological conference hosted by Dr. Steven Tong. We both responded to the call to dedicate our lives to full-time ministry at that conference. However I did not enter seminary immediately as I was still in the middle of my graduate study. In the fall of 2008, after prayerful consideration and with the fullest support of my wife, I began to enroll in the M.Div. program of Bethel Seminary in Minnesota, while working full-time at a hard disk drive company.

God’s grace is sufficient in that He has provided me with the financial means to enter seminary. He has also given me the strength and wisdom to manage my time and the different responsibilities at family, work, church, and study. After attending seminary, God has also given me different opportunities to preach at various churches. Through these serving opportunities, God has taught me humility and my understanding of God’s words and His love also deepened.

I graduated from Bethel Seminary in June 2013 and began to serve as the Cantonese Minister of MCCC in July 2013. I was ordained at MCCC in June 2015 and have been serving as the Chinese Pastor of MCCC since July 2015, serving both the Mandarin and the Cantonese Congregations. I am excited to see how God will lead MCCC when we focus on the Great Commission, which is to go and make disciples of all nations. It is my prayer that MCCC will be a lighthouse in the region and we will be developing disciples of Jesus who will serve God faithfully both locally and around the world!