In 1978 the Chinese speaking Christians at Bell Labs after meeting for Bible Study and prayer, formed a more formal fellowship. With the Lord’s blessings the fellowship soon grew into the Church, Monmouth Chinese Christian Fellowship in January 3, 1983. (Later in 1994, it changed the name to Monmouth Chinese Christian Church.)

In 1994 the English Language service was added, in 2000 the Cantonese Service was added and in 2006 the new chapel on Holland Road was dedicated. The church is evangelical, conservative and non-denominational. We are one church with two languages (Chinese & English) and three dialects (Mandarin, Cantonese, and English) services.

To pursue of our vision of reaching multiple cultures in the Great Commission, MCCC members decided in July 2012 to add the alternative English name “Monmouth Community Christian Church” for MCCC in addition to the name “Monmouth Chinese Christian Church.”