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Our Pastors

Pastor John Heald


Pastor John Heald's Testimony  -  My Story

- 2009

I was born in Princeton where my Dad was involved in the Matterhorn Project (Atomic Fusion). School years spent in Swarthmore, PA and summers in the Rideau District of Ontario provided happy memories of an idyllic childhood although I didn’t yet know Jesus as the Living Word of God. My parents provided every opportunity for me to grow and develop as a young person. I enjoyed traveling across America and Europe, camping, backpacking, and bicycling.

When I finished High School I moved to NYC to study Fine Arts. I fashioned my life after those modern masters, Picasso, Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Matisse. I pursued beauty and passion but it was all vanity. God allowed me to experience the emptiness of life without him. I was gaining the world but losing my own soul. It was then that the Lord Jesus became real to me after receiving the Gospel from a street preacher. The change was immediate and very dramatic. The Bible became a living book and my daily delight.

Soon I was attending a Baptist Church in Brooklyn and growing as a young Christian. The resurrected Lord was calling me to leave all and serve him with the remainder of my life. I didn’t understand at that time what exactly this meant but I had a strong desire to study the Bible. I left New York and spent one year at Fellowship Bible Institute, Liberty Corner. During that year I attended a Missions Conference where I dedicated my life to serving in a cross-cultural context. Then I entered Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and majored in Hebrew and Jewish Studies. In 1989 I married fellow student Miss Melody Chung and after graduating we served together at Boon Church in Flushing, Queens.

Later I completed a M.Div at Alliance Theological Seminary with emphasis on N.T. Greek, Church History and Chinese Studies. We moved to Freehold in 1996. My work has involved prayer and testimony and sharing the Word of God with youth and young families. Over the years I have made many connections ministering in jails, medical facilities, schools, and camps. By God’s grace I have seen many lives impacted and transformed by the power of the Word of God.

I consider it a special privilege and holy calling to serve Monmouth Chinese Christian Church as an English Pastor. If I can be of any help to you on your life path please contact me by phone or email. May the Lord be pleased with the fruit of our lives which he has redeemed at the greatest cost. To Jesus be all glory and praise!


Pastor Chun Tse



Pastor Chun Tse's Testimony

- 2013

I grew up in Hong Kong in a family with no heritage of any religion. All my friends and relatives were also non-Christians. The first time I began to seriously think about the meaning of life was when I was in the middle of high school. But the subject of the meaning of life proved to be too big and too complicated for me to yield any satisfactory answer. I felt an acute emptiness and loneliness in my life. In the first 20 years of my life, before coming to America, I lived as an atheist and God had no place in my thoughts, words, or actions.

The first time I encountered Christianity was when my sister, who became a Christian shortly after going to America to study, introduced to me the "Four Spiritual Laws," which outlined the Christian gospel to non-believers. During my sophomore in college, I came to hear the gospel through listening to a Christian radio. Through the sermons that were aired, the Holy Spirit opened my understanding of the gospel. In particular, I was afraid of going to hell, knowing full well that I was a sinner and deserved it. I received Jesus as my Savior and Lord at the end of one of the sermons.

My life was instantly transformed after my conversion to Christ. I came to know what the meaning of life is – to glorify God and make known his gospel. My life was no longer empty and lonely because God Himself is my joy and fulfillment. I had an intense interest to study the Bible and read spiritual books. I meditated on the words of God regularly. I was fearless in evangelizing and tried different ways to share the gospel with my parents, schoolmates, and friends. I found a local church and baptized there shortly after. I began to find the joy of worship, which was a totally new experience to me.

In June 2001, I and my wife attended a theological conference hosted by Dr. Steven Tong. We both responded to the call to dedicate our lives to full-time ministry at that conference. However I did not enter seminary immediately as I was still in the middle of my graduate study. In the fall of 2008, after prayerful consideration and with the fullest support of my wife, I began to enroll in the M.Div. program of Bethel Seminary in Minnesota, while working full-time at a hard disk drive company.

God’s grace is sufficient in that He has provided me with the financial means to enter seminary. He has also given me the strength and wisdom to manage my time and the different responsibilities at family, work, church, and study. After attending seminary, God has also given me different opportunities to preach at various churches. Through these serving opportunities, God has taught me humility and my understanding of God’s words and His love also deepened.

I graduated from Bethel Seminary in June 2013 and began to serve as the Cantonese Minister of MCCC in July 2013. I was ordained at MCCC in June 2015 and have been serving as the Chinese Pastor of MCCC since July 2015, serving both the Mandarin and the Cantonese Congregations. I am excited to see how God will lead MCCC when we focus on the Great Commission, which is to go and make disciples of all nations. It is my prayer that MCCC will be a lighthouse in the region and we will be developing disciples of Jesus who will serve God faithfully both locally and around the world!


謝進 牧師的見證

- 2013

我成長於香港,家中沒有遺傳任何的宗教信仰,我所有的朋友和親戚也都不是基督徒。我第一次開始認真思考生命的意義,是在 高中的中段時期,但是對當時的我而言,這個題目太大也太複雜,以致我沒有得出什麼滿意的答案,我感受到生命中有一種強烈的空虛與孤單。在我生命的前20 年,就是在我來美國之前,我基本上是一個無神論者,所以不論是在我的思想、話語、或行為中,上帝都不佔一席之地。

我第一次接觸基督教是透過我的姐姐,她在來美國讀書後不久就成為基督徒。她帶我讀「四個屬靈的定律」,這本小冊子把福音 的內容整理成四個大綱,好讓非基督徒明白。當我大二時,因為聆聽基督教電台的節目而聽到完整的福音;聖靈藉著所播放的講道,開啟了我對福音的了解。其中有 一點對我特別有影響,那就是我很害怕自己將來會去地獄,因為我完全知道自己是一個罪人,只配去地獄。在我聽了一些講道之後,就在某一篇講道的結束時,接受 了耶穌作我個人的救主和生命的主。

在我信主以後,生命有了立即的轉變。我漸漸地知道生命的意義──就是榮耀上帝,並傳揚祂的福音。我的生命不再空虛和孤 單,因為上帝自己成為我的喜樂和滿足。我有強烈的興趣研讀聖經和閱讀屬靈書籍,我也固定地默想上帝的話語;在傳福音上,我大有膽量,並且也嘗試用不同的方 式向父母、同學、朋友等人分享福音。我加入了一個當地的教會,並在不久之後受洗。我開始感受到敬拜上帝的喜樂,這對我來說是一個全新的經驗。

在2001年6月,我和妻子參加了唐崇榮牧師所主講的神學會議,那時我們倆人都回應了上帝的呼召,願意奉獻生命全時間傳 道。但是因為當時我還在讀研究所,所以沒有立即進入神學院。到了2008年秋天,我經過許多的禱告和思考,並且得到妻子全力的支持,於是便進入明尼蘇達州 的伯特利神學院,就讀道學碩士的課程,而同時我也全職在一間做電腦硬盤的公司上班。


上帝的恩典豐富,祂不但為我預備了讀神學院所需的經濟來源,也賜給我能力和智慧,使我能夠分配好時間,盡到我在家庭、工 作、教會、讀書的責任。進入神學院以後,上帝也給我不同的機會到不同的教會講道,透過這些服事的機會,上帝教導我謙卑,並且也讓我對祂的話語和祂的愛有更 深刻的了解。





Minister David Har


Minister David Har's Testimony  -  My Testimony of God’s Unfailing Love

- 2016

I was born and raised in a non-Christian family in Hong Kong.  Although I attended a Christian elementary school, I had no interest in religion at all.  At twelve, my parents and I immigrated to the United States.  They often emphasized to us children that education was the key to a better life here.  So we studied hard and, eventually, I was admitted into M.I.T. where I majored in electrical engineering.

While in college, unknowingly to me, God was already softening my heart to receive His great love. For soon I realized that life, even with all its riches and awards, if without genuine love and friendship, still lacked true meaning.  But thanks be to God!  While attending a campus bible study group, I was humbled and touched by Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love for such a sinner like me.  “Amazing love!  How can it be that Thou, my God, should die for me?” Thus, in 1983, I accepted Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior.  A few months later I testified my faith and commitment in Him through baptism.

After college my wife, Karen, and I settled in upstate New York where I worked at IBM for many years.  God has blessed us with three children, Daniel, Rachel, and Stephanie (even recently, our daughter-in-law, Christine). Each Sunday my family and I would drive to Chinatown, NY to attend worship service and fellowship at Oversea Chinese Mission.  I have always treasured the importance of a vibrant fellowship life for my spiritual growth.  For within my fellowship Christ’s love has motivated me, not only to share the gospel with others, but also to care for them.

During those years, I found real joy and eternal meaning while serving God in various ministries.  My passion to follow Jesus and know His truth also grew in unison.  Thus, in the spring of 1998, I started to attend Nyack Alliance Theological Seminary part-time after work.  I also prayed that if it was God’s will, I would be willing to serve Him full-time.  In 2001 while attending my first Chinese Mission Convention sponsored by Ambassadors for Christ, I publicly responded to God’s calling to be His unworthy servant for the remainder of my life.

In 2006, after much seeking of God’s will and with my family’s blessings, I resigned from work and enrolled in Westminster Theological Seminary. Three years later I graduated with a M. Div. degree.  Thanks be to God Who then opened the door for me to serve at Rutgers Community Christian Church for five years.

Since January 2016, by God’s wonderful grace, I have been called to serve at MCCC, assisting in both Mandarin and Cantonese ministries. It is my sincere desire that God would also grant MCCC what Jabez had prayed, “Oh that Thou wouldst bless me indeed, and enlarge my border, and that Thy hand might be with me, and that Thou wouldst keep me from harm, that it may not pain me!" (1 Chron. 4:10)

Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are interested in the gospel, or in need of biblical advice and prayer support, please feel free to contact me. Remember: God’s love never fails!



夏長勝 傳道的見證  - 神的慈愛、我的見證

- 2016



大學畢業後,我的妻子(黃翠萍)與我定居在紐約上州,我也在IBM公司工作多年,神厚賜我們三個兒女:惠銘、惠珍及惠欣(甚至最近兒媳 - 葉思恩)。每個星期天我們一家開車到紐約唐人街,去參加中華海外宣道會的主日崇拜及團契。我一直很重視團契生活對我個人靈命的成長,因為在團契裡基督的愛激勵我,不但樂意與人分享福音,更願意關心他們。

在過去多年來,神藉著各樣的事奉,讓我從中感受到真正的喜樂和永恆的意義。我也更渴慕要跟隨耶穌,明白祂的真道,所以在1998年的春天,我公司下班後就開始在紐約乃役神學院修課。同時,我也默默地禱告,如果是神的旨意,我願意為祂全職事奉。後來在 2001年,當我首次參加使者協會所舉辦的華人差傳大會,我公開地回應神的呼召,願意奉獻餘下一生,為主所用。


從2016年一月開始,我再次蒙主恩召,成為美門華人基督教會的傳道,協助國語堂及粵語堂的聖工,我誠心地期望神會應允美門教會像雅比斯所祈求的:「甚願你賜福與我、擴張我的境界、常與我同在、保佑我不遭患難、不受艱苦。」(代上 4:10)